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Practice Areas

Saros Law specializes in working with minors and adults facing criminal charges and students and their families facing challenges large or small by providing
education advocacy and legal services to help when needed.

Meet Our Attorney

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Alison Polin Saros is an attorney and credentialed school counselor serving the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles in the areas of Educational Law and Advocacy, Civil Rights Litigation and Counseling Support Consulting. She received her B.A. degree from Michigan State University and law degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 1996. Alison spent the first 16 years of her career prosecuting criminal cases as a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, as an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching Criminal-Law-in-Practice at Southwestern University School of Law, and teaching and training Law Enforcement on constitutional issues. In 2013, with a desire to help children in the school systems, Alison switched directions. She obtained her CTE teaching credentials, worked as a teacher, and simultaneously returned to graduate school and obtained her Master’s Degree in School Counseling with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Loyola Marymount University.

As a prosecutor, Alison encountered numerous young criminal defendants with learning difficulties, mental health issues, and physical challenges who were never provided proper support in or out of the school system, and ended up in the criminal justice system. As a parent of two children with learning difficulties, Alison faced her own challenges learning how to negotiate the school system in order to obtain the support needed for her own kids. Through those experiences with kids in the criminal justice system and her own kids, Alison developed the desire to help all children achieve success.

We Understand How These Systems Work

Our attorney provides aggressive criminal defense representation in California. We also can work as a student advocate, helping you navigate through the school bureaucracies to obtain the support your child needs.

Call our Torrance office at 310-341-3466 for assistance throughout the Los Angeles area. For assistance with educational law issues, please fill out our contact form for new clients.

When You Are Dealing With A “System”

You, as an accused, as a teenager or as a parent of a child in need, are a stranger in a strange land. You don’t know the language, the procedures, the knowledge, or virtually anything, yet you must operate as if you were an expert, as your liberty or your child’s future may hang in the balance depending on how well you navigate through this system.


Experienced Former Deputy District Attorney And Licensed School Counselor

Our attorney at Saros Law APC provides the support you need. She is a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney with more than 15 years experience in daily courtroom criminal prosecutions.

Her experience extends to classrooms and schools as a teacher and counselor, assisting children with the many challenges they deal with in the school system.

One of the most frustrating elements of a criminal charge or when your child needs assistance within the schools is not knowing what to do and where to go for answers. Everyone on the other side, from the police, detectives, prosecutors, or school administrators work with these systems everyday. It is their job.

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Criminal Defense & Education Law Attorney

We Understand Your Perspective

We have the information, resources, and knowledge you need for negotiating the criminal court system while also addressing student learning differences, mental and physical health challenges, and substance abuse.

Our goal is to level the playing field for those with learning challenges and to get students facing other challenges back on track.

At Saros Law, we understand how the system functions from every perspective as a: veteran attorney, teacher, school counselor, college counselor and most importantly, parent.

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