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Torrance IEP Attorneys

Helping a student in need of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 program is difficult. It can be emotionally draining for parents attempting to find support for their child or teenager. Navigating through the bureaucracy of school administrations and of the federal requirements to implement an IEP can be overwhelming. You need to resolve the issue — and our Torrance IEP attorney at Saros Law APC can do just that.

We Find The Answers

Our attorney is more than just an attorney who has read the statutes. She understands education law in California, and she knows how to best use it as a student advocate because she had to use it to obtain assistance for her own children and for many other parents facing your issues.

Schools Present Many Challenges

There are many potential challenges to a student’s education. A school may not have encountered your child’s issues before. Other children may be bullying or harassing your child; teachers, too, can be difficult and add to your child’s stress. School administrations are different in how they behave depending on whether they are public or private. There may be issues involving juvenile delinquency and that process.

We Resolve Your Issues

What makes this all the more difficult is you will likely only discover this piecemeal as you are dealing with a crisis involving your child. No one will give you a roadmap or guidance. You must painstakingly, with a great deal of trial and error, pick your way across this obstacle course.

We understand your frustration and anxiety. You simply want to obtain the assistance your child needs to thrive. Our Torrance IEP lawyer can assist you with obtaining the solutions you and your child need.

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