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Like a Second Mom

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Alison Saros is like a second mom to me. She put in countless hours and helped me physically and mentally deal with the hardest legal, financial situation in my entire life. I was dealing with a fabricated situation at my university, and her educational law experiences have helped me understand and endure the living-hell situation I was going through. Regardless of my lack of financial situation, that did not stop her from putting in countless hours of her effort towards me. Not only is she a phenomenal attorney, she’s an overall great person. She’s smart, caring, and loving, which is the type of support I needed. Thank you Alison for everything!


Compassionate and resoponsible

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I have consulted with Alison regarding my school matters, she’s very honest and straightforward which saved me tons of time and money, very patient and helpful, giving her best advice. Very knowledgeable too on the education field of California. Greatly appreciate it! Recommend!


Best of the BEST

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I had hired her as a criminal defense attorney and I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent my case. She handled my case with professionalism and charisma that led to getting me the best deal we had hoped for my case. She is extremely knowledgable, professional, charismatic, and very personable. Going to court for a crime is nerve-racking as it is but the way she approached and handled my case made me feel reassured. She will fight for what is right and I highly recommend her for any legal issues you might have.


Invaluable go-to resource for working with school system

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We retained Ali for help with both our daughters. She was invaluable in helping our older daughter get into a college that best met her academic and emotional support needs. And again with our younger daughter who had major anxiety issues that could have crushed her, but is now thriving given the interventions that Ali worked out with the school system. Ali has attended 504 plan meetings with us, and helped with some last-minute teacher changes that were not a fit. Ali has that unique combination: a lawyer who understands student and disability rights, and a counselor who understands the emotional/psychological aspects and can have empathy for all (including the school system and the challenges they face). She definitely knows how to work with school systems so kids get what they need to succeed – in a fair and respected way.

-Diana Burge

Upper Deck Homerun

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I found myself in an unfortunate dilemma regarding a family law issue/hearing and per the recommendation of a attorney friend, Ali was my “go to attorney” to resolve my situation.

Ali and her team, were professional, prepared and above all, understood the law to the letter regarding my hearing. Ali’s hard work and preparation spared me a great deal of time and “headache” and resolved the hearing to my benefit. While I use the term “air-tight” loosely, Ali’s hard work paid off HUGE in my favor and I was able to put the non-sense behind me for good.
I strongly reccomend Ali for any legal issues you might experience.


Outstanding Lawyer!

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Alison Saros produced fantastic results for my children’s IEP meetings. She’s personable, knowledgeable, professional, organized and a powerhouse that’s not afraid to tell it like it is! Her experience in the educational system and background as a district attorney, make her an extraordinary advocate. She will fight for what’s right. I’m eternally grateful for her hard work and pleased with the successful outcome.

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