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Experience Matters

At Saros Law, we know the path to student success. We understand how the system functions from every perspective as a: veteran attorney, teacher, school counselor, college counselor and most importantly, parent.   

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We Understand Your Perspective

Parenting is the most rewarding yet challenging and stressful job in the world. Nothing compares to the love of a parent and a parent’s desire to help their child overcome challenges and succeed in school and in life.. You have rights and your voice needs to be heard. We are your advocates. We know what you are up against. We know what you have been through. Our experiences mean we are well-positioned to guide you through the education system, regardless of whether this means finding outside support or working within the school system to obtain appropriate and necessary support for your child.   

Professional Profile




Alison Polin Saros is an attorney and credentialed school counselor serving the South Bay and Greater Los Angeles in the areas of Educational Law and Advocacy, Civil Rights Litigation and Counseling Support Consulting. She received her B.A. degree from Michigan State University and law degree from Southwestern University School of Law in 1996. Alison spent the first 16 years of her career prosecuting criminal cases as a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, as an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching Criminal-Law-in-Practice at Southwestern University School of Law, and teaching and training Law Enforcement on constitutional issues. In 2013, with a desire to help children in the school systems, Alison switched directions.  She obtained her CTE teaching credentials, worked as a teacher, and simultaneously returned to graduate school and obtained her Master’s Degree in School Counseling with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Loyola Marymount University. 


As a prosecutor, Alison encountered numerous young criminal defendants with learning difficulties, mental health issues, and physical challenges who were never provided proper support in or out of the school system, and ended up in the criminal justice system. As a parent of two children with learning difficulties, Alison faced her own challenges learning how to negotiate the school system in order to obtain the support needed for her own kids. Through those experience with kids in the criminal justice system and her own kids, Alison developed the desire to help all children achieve success.


Alison is now the founder of Saros Law and Educational Consulting, combining her prior career as a prosecutor with her experience working in public school systems for the last 5 years as a teacher and school counselor. Because of her teaching and school counseling experience, Alison brings a personal knowledge and prospective of the inner-workings of school systems.  This experience gives her and her clients an advantage when educating parents and advocating on behalf of students. She is here to help you navigate school districts, become a better advocate for your child, and provide counseling support resources.