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Torrance Juvenile Defense Attorney

Real Help For Juvenile Law Issues

It’s every parents’ nightmare: a call from law enforcement regarding their child. In California, juvenile justice is frightening. As a parent, you want to help and protect your teen, but the juvenile justice system can make this difficult. Our Torrance juvenile criminal attorney at Saros Law APC understands your fears and concerns, and will fight aggressively to protect your teen’s rights in any juvenile law matter.

We can advise parents and represent teens with a wide range of juvenile matters, including:

  • Truancy
  • Vandalism/property crimes
  • Shoplifting
  • Expungements
  • Bullying
  • Assault

Teenagers Are Different

Teenagers are not adults. Research has found they act differently because they think differently. Punitive treatment of children is often counterproductive.

Teenagers’ brains are still developing, and impulse control is less developed than in a mature adult. This means they often make poor decisions. But once trapped within the juvenile justice system, these decisions can often result in criminal consequences and potentially a criminal record.

A Lawyer And Licensed School Counselor Fighting For Your Child

Our attorney has significant inside experience with the criminal justice system after having worked as deputy district attorney with Los Angeles County for over a decade. But she has something few other criminal defense lawyers have — she has the education and experience as a licensed school counselor and administrator.

She has worked with children and teenagers in the schools, dealt with administrators and school resource officers (SROs), and understands the psychological and behavioral ways in which children can make bad decisions.

It is very important to have a representative who understands the system and children. Often with diversion programs, our Torrance juvenile attorney can protect your child’s rights and work toward a resolution of their issues that can result in the charges not being filed.

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